Seekers Gain:-

  • Lower rent as landlord saves on commission
  • Secure- vetted finders plus hotline to security services during showcasing
  • Quick- no more walking around looking for an estate agent
  • Privacy- no more endless call backs and emails as your contacts remain private when you communicate within the platform
  • Affordable fees- lower and predetermined fees compared to traditional estate agents

                       Finders are mainly landlords:-

  • Also includes college students trying to make an honest living—HELP us SUPPORT them
  • Students help their parents to pay for college fees and also some shopping!
  • Times are hard in Kenya.–offers a chance to make money on a flexible schedule. 
  • Full time employees have a chance to increase their income due to a Finders flexible schedules.
  • Job Seekers make extra pocket money and sustain themselves.

Press Articles

Business Daily -News Summed Up
The Star Newspaper. - 14-10-2019
Metropol Business TV
Star Newspaper-2019-12-28

How it works for seekers


Go to or


Choose type of property e.g rent, buy, residence, commercial, Land


Key in search criteria e.g location, size, budget, date of seeing the properties


Fill in details and choose the payment options -MPESA or PayPal


.Type the secret 4 digit code sent to your phone

You deserve a safe housing platform. Safe enough for us to trust our own mothers, sisters, and daughters to use. So we implemented these measures:

Screening: Every Finder is screened upon registration and must maintain a star rating above a set minimum and provide a certificate of Good Conduct.

Training & Code of Conduct: We continually improve our training system and Code of Conduct to ensure a high level of service.

Safety Features: We’re always innovating for your safety. In fact, we have introduced the first “Police Hotline” feature in the industry.

Insurance & 24/7 Support: We’ve got you covered with additional Personal Accident* coverage, 24/7 call centres, and emergency response teams.

*subject to start date

Seeker's safety tips

  1. Vetting:- All xPodd Finders go through an elaborate registration process including certificate of good conduct, interviews, vetting and training
  2. We’re here if you need us:- An in-house support team to answer any queries is available 24/7 for questions or safety concerns by telephone, WhatsApp and WebChat
  3. Emergency assistance:- button activates during showcasing and button connects you to the police control room
  4. Ratings: Low-rated finder are logged and are removed from Service.
  5. Anonymity:- the finders never see your details unless you share them . You can communicate exclusively through the platform
  6. GPS Tracking:- optional during showcasing for your safety

Seeker’s Guidelines

  1. Clearly communicate what you require as the Finders will follow your requirements
  2. On the application make sure you List your details clearly EG
    1. Close to Shepherds Junior School
    2. Near the Equity Bank at Kitengela
    3. 2 minutes drive to Banda School
    4. Walking distance to Aga Khan Hospital
  3. We work within your budget. We all want to pay as little as possible However note:-
    1. If you ask for a property at a budget below the market rate, then IF we find a place it will probably be in a bad condition MEANING YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR A NEW SEARCH
    2. Our Finders do not work on commission meaning, they are not trying to get a higher price for the house, to increase there commission.
    3. Please give us your true budget and we shall find you a place within 15% give or take of your budget
    4. If you have a maximum limit then please list that on your application above
  4. Once your property is found you will be notified and the finders contacts sent to you.
  5. If you call through our platform then your contacts remain private.
  6. It is advisable to contact the finder and arrange a viewing NOT later than 24 hours
  7.  Please note the longer you take to go view the property the higher the chances are that it might be taken by another seeker
  8. Be Polite and Formal. Treat the seeker with respect
  9.  It is always advisable to meet the finder:-
    1. during the day
    2. at a public place

How it works for finders


Go to or


Click on register as a finder


Fill in your details


Accept our code of ethics


Type the secret 4 digit code sent to your phone

Our Focus

  1. Entrepreneurs: In essence, every finder colleague is working for him/herself. It’s a small enterprise that will help you achieve financial freedom.
  2. Training: We want our finder colleague to be the best Finders they can be. Not just so you can earn more…
  3. We’re Family: It’s a privilege for us to be a part of our finder colleagues’ lives.
  4. That’s why we are making plans for:-
    1. Finder Mobility: Creating programs to help you own mobility whether its a car, bike, scooter or,
    2. Finder Liquidity: Get bridge loans,
    3. Finder Healthcare: offer healthcare access to support your personal wellbeing
  • Finder as CEO: We offer programming designed to help you explore and develop your strengths.
  • Finder Anywhere: Finder Anywhere empowers you to maximize your productivity wherever the day takes you. We provide all of the technology and support to work on the go, giving you the freedom and mobility to stay in the field.
  • Finder COO: We’ll pair you with world-class consultants to elevate your business planning and operations.
  • The Finder Card: We shall provide you with one credit card to simplify all of your business expense management.
  • Finder Concierge: Enhances your people management skills though training with the best in the hospitality industry.
  • Business, Operations, People & Culture: we shall empower Finders with full-service operational, IT, business intelligence, and administrative support, from transaction coordinators to product experts, Hailing from respected institutions across every area of business, entertainment, and innovation.

Finder’s Safety Tips


  1. Emergency assistance button connects you to the police control room during showcasing as WE WANT YOU to feel SAFE as you earn
  2. Vetting:- We vet the seekers ensuring we verify who you are meeting
  3. Preparedness: We run training and safety workshops.
  4. Secure payments:- Our platform ensures your money gets to you

House Hunting Tips:

  1. Talk to caretakers in your neighborhood for information on empty units
  2. Consult moving trucks and companies for information on upcoming moves which indicate a vacancy is coming soon
  3. Join your neighborhood association and introduce yourself and your services
  4. Security guards and newspaper vendors are a good source of information on recently vacated units


COO Inzaule
Creative Opps - Mungai
Chief:- Field Opps - Namiti
Admin Opps-Wanjiru

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Our happy clients

We know how important it is for you to understand the quality of service that you will get using our platform. Here are the testimonials from our Seekers and Finders.​

its very dedicated and genuine excellent service for Investors. Have good properties for investment
Susans Doe
I recently bought a house with xPodd and while this can be a very stressful process, I felt 110% confident by partnering with xPodd . Very candid, provided great feedback, helped explain clearly all details and managed the actual sale negotiation brilliantly. In addition, was extremely responsive  to every one of my questions, no matter how small. As I move forward to now BUY my next house, I am extremely certain xPodd will be the right partner to help me navigate this process. 
Laurel Loxam
HR Manager

How to get a property using xPodd!

Let’s say you just changed your job and you need a house to rent in Buruburu. Go to our platform and follow the guide to place a request. You will be informed of how much it will cost you to get a property in that area. Make the refundable payment and the system will instantly connect you to our finder in that location. Your details won’t be shared to them but you will receive the finder’s contact. He or she will show you two to three houses of your preference and if you like any, go ahead and reach out to the landlord. Simple!



Yes we are everywhere

Our ever growing network of finders is spread from border to border.
We are in cities, towns, around colleges, ensuring you as a seeker get what you need when you need it

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  • +254733543233, 0111220011
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