• connecting landlords and tenants directly

    connecting landlords and tenants directly
  • Seeker

    find a home

    find a home
  • Finder/Landlord

    provide a home

    provide a home

You need a house in location X? Go to https://xpodd.app and find houses at X. 

Looking for a place to call Home?


Are you a landlord? Get a tenant directly! Are you a job Seeker, Student, employee? Start EARNING!

Safety Guidelines



All xPodd Finders go through an elaborate registration process including certificate of good conduct, interviews, vetting and training


Finders never see your details unless you share them. You can communicate exclusively through the platform


Emergency assistance:- button activates during showcasing and button connects you to the police control room


Low-rated finder sare logged and are removed from Service.

GPS Tracking

Optional during showcasing for your safety


An in-house support team to answer any queries is available 24/7 for questions or safety concerns by telephone, WhatsApp and WebChat


Secure Payments

Our platform ensures your money gets to you


We run training and safety workshops.


We vet the seekers ensuring we verify who you are meeting


You are connected to the police control room during showcasing as WE WANT YOU to feel SAFE as you earn

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About Us

xPodd is a platform that enables landlords to connect directly with tenants and buyers. Through a patented online platform, we provide Tenants with options that meet there location, budget, safety and style requirements in an efficient manner that respects there privacy.


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