4 Things to consider before renting a house in Kenya

You get to choose and prioritize what is most important to you. While it may not always be possible for a space to have everything we want, these are the top four things we feel you should not compromise on, and hence consider before renting a house.

1. Location

Consider factors like nearness to your workplace, if you have a family, consider the needs of your partner and children and nearness to other areas that you routinely visit. You also want to check for other factors like serenity of the neighborhood and overall atmosphere of the place before moving in. Visit https://xpodd.com/neighborhoods-landing/

2. Budget

Determine what amount you are able to allocate to rent and find a place that fits your budgetary needs. We recommend that you get financial advice and determine the amount that goes to rent. We highly recommend our app https://xpodd.app/home for your search for a house.

3. Safety of the Area and the property

Investigate the security of an area before moving there. Research online, ask locals or enquire from people. There should be low or no cases at all of criminal activities. Check for provision of professional security guards services and cctv surveillance.

Check for the structural integrity of the unit. Assess and see if there are cracks in the main supporting pillars for apartments, houses and the wall. Also see if there are light brown spots on the ceiling covered with paint which would reveal a leaking roof. Additionally, see whether there is more than one entrance/exit which can come in handy in case of emergencies.

4. Unit amenities and Social Amenities

Factors like availability of water, children play area, closets, hanging lines, garbage disposal/collection, lighting, cabinets, internet and network availability are crucial for a decent living and comfort.

Make sure that you can access the shopping center, church, mosque, school and/or hospital with ease. Conduct your online research and ask or enquire from other people. When you use Xpodd, https://xpodd.app/home this is done for you.  We conduct research beforehand and equip you with the information you require about the area.

There may be other factors to consider like the size of the unit, availability of parking space, contents of the lease agreement (carefully read this, understand, and ask questions) and others. However, we feel that the four above are the most important factors to consider before renting a housing unit. We hope you find a house that suits your needs.

By Wanjiru Muhoro | Writer

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    Are things so bad and risky that we shall need to walk around buildings we wanna rent from to see if there are cracks?


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