4 tips for students living on their own for the first time

Transition from high school to university or college can be exciting and a little stressful too. If you are getting into uni or college as a freshman, there are high chances that you are considering moving out of home to start living alone. Renting in Kenya as a student can be loaded with some pain points. These are the four main tips we offer students living on their own for the first time.  

1. Do your research

Spend some time researching on the areas you may be considering. It is prudent to consider locations that are in close proximity to the college in which you are enrolling. Conduct thorough research on factors like transportation, utilities, social amenities and features that are unique to your needs. Gather this information first because it will determine the rest of your decision making. Feel free to check out our neighborhood section https://xpodd.com/neighborhoods-landing/

2. Weigh your options

After gathering information, get in touch with the property owners, agents and accommodation advisers in school. Some people prefer to live inside school (for colleges that have accommodation), some outside but near school and others a little further from school. Weigh your options carefully, seek advice and make a decision best suited for you.

3. Finances

Moving out and living alone for the first time can be expensive. Have a conversation with your parents or caregivers and discuss your budget for accommodation, house utilities and everything else you require to comfortably get settled into your new digs. Look up various budgeting tools online, get started on this from the get go and instill a habit of self-accountability when it comes to your finances. We highly recommend our app to ease a part of this burden https://xpodd.app/home   

4. Exercise precaution when choosing housemates

In the event that you choose or find yourself having to enter into a shared house arrangement, it is crucial that you go about it with wisdom. You may find yourself having a roommate(s) and this means that you will be in each other’s space quite often. You want to make sure that it is someone you can trust, whose lifestyle agrees with yours and whose persona is in line with or compliments yours. You need to choose someone/people who will contribute to bills and do their chores. Therefore weigh your choices of roommates carefully and don’t be in a rush.

Don’t let all the decision making and budgeting take away from the joy of this new chapter in your life. As you go to uni, remember to enjoy each process and don’t be in a rush to make any choices. Seek advice from people who have gone through college, utilize the resources available in the college you have enrolled in and consult your guardians too because often they have your best interest at heart. Lastly, remember to have a blast!

By Wanjiru Muhoro | Writer

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