Productivity is not about doing more, it is about making the most of your time. It is about being effective. When it comes to being productive, it is important for you to have time to hustle and work at your goals. It is also crucial to have time to rest, breathe and practice self-care. However, you can’t have too much of one. You need to balance both. If you practice too much self-care and spend most of your time resting, you will find yourself being sluggish and unproductive. If you spend all your time hustling and jam-packing your schedule without taking any breaks to breathe, you will find yourself being burnt out and unproductive. These are a few tips I recommend for being more organized and productive.

1. Set an admin day

Give yourself an allotted time to plan things and get organized. I would suggest giving yourself one or two hours in a week where you sit down with a pen and notebook or with the Notes app on your phone. Use that time to review your week and plan for the coming one. Resolve any missed deadlines, schedule tasks for the coming week, and do the general upkeep to keep your life more organized and ready for the following week. Utilize tools like Google calendar to schedule important events. You can make your admin day a Sunday afternoon or any other day that best suits you.

2. Have a home for everything

Having a place where every single item belongs keeps me sane and reduces visual clutter around me. Taking the time to organize your belongings and finding spaces to keep them is very rewarding in that you don’t have to stress whenever you need to find an item. Not only does it make it easier to find items, but it also keeps your spaces clean and organized, and that’s the goal, right?

3. Make daily to do lists

Apart from the weekly admin day, I highly recommend making a to-do list in evening for the next day or early in the morning. This helps you go to bed feeling more organized and confident that your affairs are in order. It is also oddly satisfying when you get to mark the items on your list as done. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and increases your confidence in your ability to get things done. Experts recommend starting with the three most important tasks of the day. Writing too many items on your to do list may overwhelm you and hinder you from being productive.

4. Practice brain dumping and write everything down.

Brain dumping is the act of comprehensively expressing and recording ones thoughts and ideas. We don’t always know what we’re thinking about until we take the time to acknowledge and even record our thoughts. This will help you clear out the mental clutter and enable you to face your thoughts head-on. Our minds are beautiful spaces that need to be organized too and this practice helps a lot. I recommend doing this as often as you can. Brain dump into phone, tablet, pc or notebook.

Also be sure to note down any information that you are likely to forget. Sometimes we convince ourselves that we are able to remember certain details and we end up losing crucial information. Do not overlook taking note of data that you know you need to remember afterwards. The notes app comes in handy when it comes to noting down potentially important information.

5. De-clutter regularly

Create a system where you de-clutter you space on a regular basis. Keep only that which you need or that which is functional to you. Set aside time to clean and get rid of clutter in your home and office.

Avoid over-planning however because when you become too attached to you plan, you become rigid. This may lead to frustration when your plan doesn’t go as you pictured. So as you plan and get organized, keep in mind the unpredictability of life itself. I hope these tips inspire you to lead a more organized and productive lifestyle.

By Wanjiru Muhoro | Writer  

6 thoughts on “<strong>5 TIPS FOR BEING MORE ORGANIZED AND PRODUCTIVE</strong>”

  1. Hi Xpodd,

    If we could always record the brilliant ideas that flash through our minds, perhaps we could significantly reduce our problems.

    Caroline Busolo – Kileleshwa, Kenya

  2. Hey,
    When i start using to-do-lists in 2014 they become boring after a while and i stop after about 6 months. shortly after i realize too many problems not working out and i resume using to-do-lists.

    Sometime 2016 i decide to go through all my many lists from 2014 and I see my life in a way i had not considered and, this led me make changes that had many big reaching effects. I am much happier person as a result.

    Carolina Bartoli- Ibiza, Spain

  3. After working for a multi-national company in the UK for close to 7 years, my biggest takeaway was that the British used there time and resources more effectively by doing only what matters.

    I noted it was not important that they seemed busy…what mattered was that whatever they do is worth there time and effort.

    Wycliff Nanjala- Busia, Kenya

  4. Its also important to Live & Let live.

    leave room for a little mess…..its never that serious !!

    Ghislaine- Casablanca, Morocco


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