There is something very gratifying for me when I see women succeeding, thriving and coming together to uplift each other and create change. It has been important for me to witness women around me do well in their lives because it sets an expectation that success and excellence are within my reach; that it is possible to achieve great things; that it is okay to take center stage.  The general definition of Feminism is the belief in full social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. Here are a few ways we can support and encourage women:

1. Celebrate women’s achievements

When you let someone know what a good job they are doing, it not only boosts their confidence but also increases their productivity. We can collectively celebrate women’s achievements by paying them genuine compliments when they do well, and by rewarding them when they do well in a certain area(s). At home, we need to remind the women in our lives that they are amazing and encourage them. At work, we need to offer women we work with support and congratulate their professional achievements.

2. Increase women’s visibility

Employers, managers and persons in positions of influence have the power and ability to increase the visibility of women tremendously. This is by recommending qualified women for opportunities and encouraging them to pursue them. One can also groom/mentor junior women who present potential and work with them to develop experience and skills necessary for filling more visible roles. Also assign leadership roles to women and give them roles that are critical.

3. Call out inequality

It is very important to call out any act that is done against an individual on the basis of their gender. Examples of these actions include harassment, sexist remarks, demeaning actions etc. You can do this by speaking out about your own experiences. Make sure you speak out when you or another person is discriminated against. Alert you’re an authority figure for example a teacher, a parents, an employer depending on the situation. Keeping quiet perpetuates the unfair treatments of women and normalizes the toxic culture/behavior. The only circumstance where keeping quiet is acceptable is when speaking up carries safety risks. In that case, your wellbeing and that of the next individual comes first.

4. Raise awareness against bias

Unconscious gender bias is defined as unintentional and automatic mental associations based on gender, stemming from norms, traditions, values, culture and/or experience. When we automatically assess and associate people with gender stereotypes, our decision making is very likely to be flawed. Gender biases can hinder women from reaching their full potential hence the need to raise awareness on the same. At the workplace, employers and hiring managers can apply transparency and accountability in the hiring and performance evaluation process to mitigate gender bias. As an individual, you can research more on the types of biases to become more aware of them and to be able to identify them and raise awareness on them.

5. Take action for equality

We all must feel called to action and take up the responsibility to facilitate equality in all spaces.  Of we stand strong and raise each other up, men and women alike, and see ourselves and each other as worthy individuals, nothing can tear us down. The fight for equality is ours, all of us.

Wherever you are, whomever you may be, I want you to feel called to fight this fight and stand up for what is right because Women’s rights are Human rights.

I wish you a Happy International Women’s Day.

By Wanjiru Muhoro | Writer

3 thoughts on “<strong>5 WAYS YOU CAN SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR WOMEN</strong>”

  1. Today is International Women’s Day, a day where millions of women speak out all over the world. On this day I want to pay tribute to my favorite traveler, the French woman Alexandra David Neel, a woman of overflowing personality, ahead of her time and great traveler.
    He had a fascinating life, but I’ll stick to mentioning only his traveling biography.

    ✧At a very early age she was anxious to travel at 15 she tried to embark alone on her way to Britain.

    ✧At the age of 18, thanks to her grandmother’s inheritance, she began to explore the world by bicycle, passing through Spain, Italy and Switzerland. He also travelled through India and Tunisia before he turned 25.

    ✧After breaking up with her husband, she embarked on what would be a trip for a few months but it was actually 14 years she visited Egypt, Ceylon, India, Sikkim, Nepal and Tibet among others. When Alexandra arrived in Nepal, the Maharaja gave him elephants so he could easily tour the country.🐘🐘

    ✧But if this explorer is known for anything it is for being the first foreigner to enter Lhasa, capital of Tibet, when it was a place forbidden to foreigners.

    But after four months and a thousand miles on foot in the Himalayas, disguised as a beggar, blackened by soot and dark hair with Chinese ink, she got into Lhasa in 1924.

    She was front page of the Times that defined her as “the woman on the roof of the world.”

    ✧She lived two and a half years in a Buddhist monastery was named Lama, the monks called her the “Lamp of Wisdom”. He practiced meditation in a cave over 4,000 metres high.
    ✧At the age of 67, he travelled in the Trans-Siberian to China.

    ✧At 100 he renewed his passport “just in case”.

    A normal person would have to be reincarnated several times to live half of what she lived through.
    And it’s that as she said, “Those who travel without finding themselves and other people don’t travel, just move.”

    And you knew this traveler? What’s your favorite traveler?
    Happy International Women’s Day!️🌹

    Vicky- Barcelona- Spain

    • Thank you Alexandra,
      the truth is that there are fascinating explorers throughout history like Nelly Bly who visited Jules Verne and circled the world in 72 days or Annie Londonderry who circled the world by bicycle.

      If you’re interested in the subject I recommend these books:-
      Ladies of the East and, Queens of Africa by Cristina Morató 🙂

      Ursula Bismarck- Cologne 🇩🇪


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