There are two types of people; people who have a plan for when they wake up and those who roll out of bed without a plan. What do you do immediately you wake up? I personally prefer to have a plan, some structure perhaps. I feel rather lost when I get up without a plan. There is a tone of information in form of books, articles, and videos written on morning routines and why it is important to have one. Having structure to your mornings enables you to have a better handle on your affairs, and it helps you feel organized and better prepared for the rest on the day. In order to create an effective morning routine, it takes a bit of trial and error. You have to try different things to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Take a glass of water

When you wake up, it is important to drink some water to flush out toxins. Taking water also helps to wake up your body since it has been at rest for a couple of hours during sleep. You can take it warm and plain or add lemons and or apple cider vinegar to it.

2. Prayer / Meditation

Majority of the most successful people in the world have reported that their spirituality is an important part of how they begin their day. Paying attention to this part of you grounds you and keeps you firm. Meditation has been known to cure a lot of psychological illnesses like depression and anxiety. Oprah Winfrey has repeatedly attributed her success and the success of her organization to prayer and meditation. Her co-workers, after practicing meditation at the beginning and end of every work day reported better sleep, better quality of relationships, higher productivity levels and improved health. If you have never done this or you rarely do it, you can start by setting aside 5 minutes at the start of your day to be still and engage in prayer and or meditation.

3. Exercise

The word “exercise” brings up a lot of different reaction in different people. We mostly have the mentality that exercise is this dreadful activity that only a specific type of people do. However, if you look at it from a different perspective, you might enjoy it, even come to love it. Look at it not as something you have to do but as something you get to do. You get to wake up and move your body and do something beneficial to your health. What a privilege! Also, exercise does not have to be in the gym, working out for hours on end. You can do it anywhere, buy a skipping rope and start with 20 jumps, or walk for 20 minutes and utilize the tone of information on the internet on home workouts.

4. Read

I wouldn’t recommend looking at your phone first thing when you wake up. It sends you down the rabbit hole of checking on every bit of information being thrown your way which clutters your mind leading to a lack of productivity. I suggest switching this up with reading. Take a book you are interested in and give reading a shot. You might be surprised at how incredibly addictive this might turn out for you. You don’t have to read for hours on end either. Put a timer on your phone for 20 minutes and read for that duration.

5. Take a shower

I don’t feel like a day has properly began without taking a shower. It tells my brain that it is time to get ready for the day. Taking a shower in the morning will get you excited for the day and help you be productive. A basic shower is fine but you can incorporate essential oils, yummy smelling shower gels, bath salts and perhaps some music and make this time extra special for yourself.

6. Have a healthy breakfast

There are a tone of ideas on healthy, easy to prepare breakfast ideas on the internet. If you already have one that you take and really like, then stick to it. However, if you are interested in switching things up, you can learn how to put together a couple of recipes to a healthy filling breakfast to kick off you day. A good breakfast will serve as fuel for your body throughout the day.

These are just but a few ideas on what you can do when you wake up to give you a better grasp on your time. Keep in mind that despite all the information out here, there is no rule of thumb as to how you should structure your mornings. Keep what works for you and allow yourself room to observe yourself and know exactly what that is.

By Wanjiru Muhoro | Writer

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  1. I would add.. ..go through your daily planner before jumping into the shower. It’s the one thing i never miss to do !!

    Roshini –- Bangalore, India


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