6 Tips for Decorating Your Small Space

We can all relate to that tiny room/apartment that we moved into when we first started earning. We wanted to squeeze in all our belongings but the space could not allow. Some of our abodes ended up looking chaotic, right? Well, over the years I have learnt that it’s possible to have a small space that’s as stylish (or perhaps even more so) as their sprawling counterparts. Whether you are starting out in a studio apartment or choosing a more minimalist existence, you don’t need to sacrifice style. I have gathered a few ideas for decorating small spaces to help tackle your own petite dwelling.

1. Keep the floor clear

Keep in mind that even the most perfectly decorated small room doesn’t work if you can’t walk in it. Try floating pieces, such as shelves and nightstands, to keep the ground clear of obstacles and create space for extra storage beneath if needed. Opt for sconces and wall lights rather than floor lamps.

2. Go for folding pieces

You may need a desk and a dining table, but do you really need them 24/7? Consider installing furnishings that can fold up when not in use. You will free up floor space and avoid the stacks of mail and work that inevitably pile up on these surfaces.

3. Choose the right rug

A rug is the one item you definitely don’t want to skimp on, size-wise. A tiny rug will make the room feel equally small. Pick a floor covering that’s large enough so most of the furniture will sit on it, or go wall to wall.

4. Don’t be afraid to go bold

Having a small space doesn’t mean it has to be a white box. You can still go bold with color and embrace the size of your apartment. A darker shade of paint on the walls and ceiling can make the space feel like a jewel box.

5. Find pieces that earn their place

Make the most of your space by finding furnishings that also boast storage. Opt for a bed with built-in drawers or benches and ottomans with space to hide-away extra blankets or sweaters. In a small space, every piece needs to pull its weight e.g. a daybed can serve as both a sofa and a guest bed.

6. Let pieces breathe

Nothing screams “I don’t have enough room” quite like furniture pressed up against the wall and tucked so tightly together that it’s practically stacked. Pull furnishings away from the wall if you can and ensure there is space between pieces.

With these few tips, feel inspired to turn your small space in to a stylish and cozy home!

By Waithera Kirugo | Writer

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