About xPodd

Our Purpose is to build a new dawn by creating an open channel that enables tenants and buyers to attain their dreams conveniently and affordably.

Who we are

xPodd is a technology company that enables landlords to connect directly with tenants and buyers, through a patented online platform.

What we do

We provide Tenants/Buyers with options that meet their location, budget, safety and style requirements in an efficient way that respects their privacy.

Enables Landlords utilize there time efficiently as
the Platform vets tenants/buyers.

What we offer


Tenants / Buyers: –

  1. Convenience,
  2. Affordable Housing,
  3. Choice – many & diverse
  4. Privacy – Number Masking if you communicate through the App
  5. Safety – Police Hotline, Optional GPS Tracking
  6. To provide quick access to a large pool of properties that meet their evolving style and budgetary needs through on-the-go solutions that accommodate them, are easy to use and treat them with respect.


  1. Lower Costs,
  2. Quick Transactions,
  3. To provide attractive and effective opportunities characterized by commitment and reliability enabling them to manage risk to ensure capital preservation and growth


To be an intermediary of choice between Finders and Seekers in the housing market on Earth, the moon, to Mars and beyond.


Enhance positive experiences AND convenience across the
property ecosystem

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe a diverse and inclusive workforce is important in developing innovative solutions to address increasingly complex challenges in evolving local, global, and interplanetary markets.

When multiple perspectives are valued and considered, we are poised for greater creativity, enhanced business strategies and development of products and services, and increased employee engagement and collaboration.

We believe that investing in a workplace that values diversity and inclusion helps xPodd deliver results for our clients.

Culture & Guiding Principles

  1. Ideas and innovations evolve into growth and translate to long term value
  2. Entrepreneurship:- We believe in fostering individual creativity and a sense of ownership- this drives our Finder program and/plus, empowering users of the platform with an opportunity to earn by saving (rent)
  3. We are committed to ensuring that our differences and similarities are respected, valued, and harnessed to attain the full potential of our most important asset: our people both employees and clients
  4. Stewardship- We are dedicated to safeguarding the capital and trust of our clients, and advancing their best interests.
  5. Integrity:- We do the right thing, for the right reasons.
  6. We are innovators who are proud of our long history of innovation, driving continuous change to help investors achieve their goals. This culture of innovation has been, and continues to be, the foundation of our success.
  7. There is something for everyone
  8. We are a fiduciary to our clients- Put simply, your goals are our goals. We represent your voice, your needs and your investment goals in every decision we make.
  9. Excellence— We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and seek to exceed expectations.
  10. Housing is a right

Our Team




Chief Field Opps


Creative Opps


Head of Portfolio Operations

He helps oversee the
the day-to-day business of the firm and ensures that the organization, including its investment, client, risk, and technology functions, has the necessary connectivity, coordination, and operating processes.


Analyst- Digital Outreach

“It’s like a family here—my team’s atmosphere is incredibly welcoming and diverse, both in origins and in the way we think. Everyone is open-minded and respectful.”


Strategist- User Experience, Onboarding

“I like coming to work every day because I know I have the opportunity
to help people achieve their goals and make their lives easier…”