About Us

xPodd's vision

xPodd’s Vision is to enable  tenants find comfort and happiness for less.

xPodd''s Mission

 xPodd’s Mission is to build a new dawn by creating an open channel for tenants and buyers to attain there dreams affordably and for landlords to access a steady stream of investors.

xPodd is a platform that enables landlords to connect directly with tenants and buyers. Through a patented online platform, we provide Tenants with options that meet there location, budget, safety and style requirements in an efficient manner that respects there privacy.

xPodd’s purpose is to serve its two groups of customers:

1. Tenants and Buyers:
To provide quick access to a large pool of properties that meet there evolving style and budgetary needs through on-the-go solutions that accommodate them, are easy to use and treat them with respect.

2. Landlords:
To provide attractive and effective opportunities characterized by commitment and reliability enabling them manage risk to ensure capital
preservation and growth


Singapore, 19 October 2018

COO Inzaule