There are things that determine whether or not you develop a successful career. Careers come from hard work, principles and actions that promote growth. Whether you are into entrepreneurship or in the corporate world, these tips will enable you to have the knowledge you need to start or further your career.

Focus more on Life experience than intelligence

Earning a good education is good but nothing quite teaches you about the workings of life like actual real life experience. College education and public education focusses mainly on intelligence. The numerous exams that you go through since kindergarten to college or grad school are aimed at measuring your intelligence. Getting that A is considered a high achievement. The system in place therefore teaches you think that if you are unintelligent by those grading measures, you are therefore unworthy and unable to deliver. The end result is getting into the search for a career where you encounter job descriptions that demand many years of experience for you to qualify. This makes you nervous but eventually you do get those years of experience, perpetuating the cycle. However it is not about having years of experience, it’s about putting experience in your years. This is missing out in college education almost everywhere in the world. Success beyond graduation is therefore not determined by top GPA’s but by the experience we put into our years thereafter. You can lean on that experience to develop wisdom. You acquire a true and real understanding of how things work and are able to solve real life problems for yourself and other people.

Effective communication

Effective “one on one communication” or “one to many communication” positions you for great things. Doors open for you. You get invited to events. You get to expand your reach and experience growth. The market values great communication. As a result, those who communicate well receive attention, opportunities and are perceived as having great value. Effective communication increases your perceived value. Intrinsically, as a human being, you are priceless and nothing can demean your value as a person. You don’t get paid because of your intrinsic value because no one can afford you. You are paid for your perceived value. Perceive value however is about how others perceive you and the value you bring to their organization or their life. You therefore increase your perceived value by learning how to communicate effectively.  

Changing toxic behavioral patterns

Patterns of your past continue on to your future unless acted upon. In both your personal or professional life, if you notice that you keep getting the same unpleasant feedback, there are a few things you can do to this from repeating itself. One is through receiving mentorship. Your patterns got you there so you need an external force to help you put a stop to these patterns. An external perspective from a coach, a guide or a mentor will help you implement strategies that will work.

Personal philosophy is greater than effort

From an early age, you are taught to rely on your own efforts to get far in life. Self-discipline, intense willpower, and forcing ourselves to work harder are tools we are taught to use to make it in life. All of these things are great disciplines to have but sometimes by our own effort alone, we end up not achieving the things we truly desire. Sometimes more effort can take you further away from the end goal. There is need therefore to develop your personal philosophy. A personal philosophy will help you sail through life and even in times of turbulence, it will hold you up better than effort.

By Wanjiru Muhoro | Writer

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