Are you Corporate?

xPodd Corporate enables UN Bodies, Multilateral Organisations, Diplomatic Missions and Multinationals whose housing requires Security Protocols meeting UN Security Parameters or levels equivalent to those employed by the US State Department. We also cater for NGO’s with unique housing requirements.

xPodd recognizes the important role that technology play’s in the conduct of a service-based business in a rapidly evolving local and global economy.

Combining twenty-first century vision with old school values, we provide our clients and customers with real tools and resources.

We have assembled a well-rounded team of ambitious and experienced property specialists’, who understand that real estate decisions encompass more than just land and buildings, as other important factors are always involved… family, dreams, emotions and lifestyle.

From those with youthful enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to others having decades of experience, they collectively provide a unique understanding of our clients’ needs with unparalleled straight forward, honest service.