Everyone deserves to come home to a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere to recover from the day’s hustles. A safe place to call home is one of the most basic yet fundamental need. House hunting however, especially in Nairobi, can be very problematic. These are the challenges you are likely to encounter when looking for property in Nairobi.

Untrustworthy online sources

Not all online sources are trustworthy. In fact majority of them are not legitimate companies or housing agents. This being the digital era makes it easy for scammers to lure unsuspecting house seekers with fake images of houses. This ends up wasting your time and money.

The tip is to conduct proper research before you entrust anyone with the responsibility to search for a house for you. Identify legitimate real estate companies like xPodd to handle your housing needs.    

Unreasonably high rent prices

Rent can be unusually high even for apartments or units that don’t look the part. An apartment in Nairobi can go for an exceptionally high price while the same unit or an equivalent of it may cost much lesser per month upcountry. Some of these apartments lack storage, matching tiles and more items required to live comfortably in an apartment.

Unavailability of basics like water.

Water should be among the top features on your house hunting checklist. Most housing agents are quick to lie about the availability of water in a housing unit. Do your research and confirm that water comes throughout in an area before you settle in an apartment. A tip is that if you see a number of residents with jerrycans or tanks on their balconies, chances are that there is shortage of water in that area.

False online images

Housing agents are cunning in that they list attractive photos of houses online that look nothing like the actual unit. To avoid such disappointments when you go for viewing, do extensive research on home buying or home renting. Also, ask around, get referrals on which real estate companies to trust. Word of mouth is far much better and more valuable than online images.

A company like xPodd can be trusted because there are people who have used it and gotten satisfied with the service.

House hunting can be easy with the right tips and using the correct route. Conduct your Research. Keep your ears on the ground and ask around.  Listen for legitimate agents and real estate companies.

By Wanjiru Muhoro | Writer

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