Decorate your home for Christmas on a Budget

Friends it’s that time of the year, the most wonderful time. Christmas is almost here! This has been a tough year for most people across the globe due to COVID 19, and thus the more reason we need to pause, reflect and celebrate for making it through. It’s important to decorate our homes and set the mood right as we usher in these festive season. The good news is you do not need to break the bank to create a gorgeous and inviting Christmas home. Here are a few ways to decorate for Christmas on a budget.

1. Choose your color scheme

Choosing the right colors will help ease your work from the word go. You will already be guided by a certain theme which will help you save time and in the end gain a good match.

2. Re-use What You Own

Be creative and use what you already own in new ways. When you do this, your “old” decor seems new.

3. Look to Nature

Look in your yard for inspiration. Go for a walk and collect branches, Holly berries, clippings, evergreens, pine cones etc.

4. Make Paper or Fabric Bunting

These are fun and festive and cost virtually nothing to make.

5. Repurpose non-Christmas items you already own for creative Christmas decorating.

6. Window shopping For Discounts

Do not shy away from doing enough window-shopping. This will help you get the best bargain on all items that you are looking for.

7. Choose a pencil tree or a table top tree to save space

I hope you learnt something from my collective thoughts. Stay happy and energized throughout the season.

By Waithera Kirugo | Writer

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