Starting a business can be very rewarding if you take into consideration the most important thing; your customers! In business studies class, they teach you that the aim of every business is to make profits but none of it is possible without taking into consideration the needs of your target audience. If you have identified a need or a gap in the market that has not been satisfied and you wish to run with the business idea and satisfy this need for your customers, or you want to start a business and you don’t know yet what area to get into, then this post is for you.

1. Know your product.

What gap are you filling in the market? What need have you identified as having been unmet?  What is in demand, which you know you can supply? These are the questions to ask yourself when starting up. Clarity in knowing what you’re offering to people is key. It will help you set the right business goals and it is just the most basic yet crucial thing you need to know about your business. When you run into potential investors or potential customers, you need to know and explain precisely what product you are dealing in and what problem you are solving for consumers.

Our product, for example is a house hunting service which we offer through our platform, xPodd https://xpodd.app/home . We solve 5 problems encountered by consumers when looking for houses. The house hunting process is 1) tedious 2) time consuming 3) can be unsafe 4) lack of integrity 5) expensive When consumers use our platform we eliminate these pain points by making the process 1) convenient hence accessible online 2) we get back to consumers within 24hours of them placing a request on our platform 3) With our vetted and trained finders, our customers are assured of high levels of integrity 4) we also have a feature that connects to the nearest police control room during showcasing 5) Our rates are well regulated to accommodate customers from all backgrounds

2. Show, don’t tell

Your audience will trust the experience you offer them and the actions you take more than your words. For example you can give holiday discounts in order to achieve this, or perhaps give a launch offer. Also then your show your potential customers what your business is about, you get a chance to interact with them which creates a personal relationship between your business and potential customers.

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3. Understand you target audience

Gather information about who you’re selling to. What is their age, marital status, geo location, income level, hobbies, and education level? Etc. Do your research on this and use the information as a roadmap to setting your business goals and coming up with your business plan and strategies.

4. Get referrals from existing customers

First is to encourage your customers to give honest reviews on your product. Do not be afraid of criticism. In fact, welcome it. It will give you pointers on where you need to make necessary improvements. Then start a referral program which will encourage your existing customers to suggest your business to their acquaintances and friends.

We value customer feedback and encourage our customers to give their testimonials here https://xpodd.com/testimonials/

5. Develop a competitive edge

You need to ask yourself what it is that makes you different from your competitors. What makes your product stand out from others that are like it? Know what this is/these are and be sure to capitalize on them in your marketing and as you sell to your customers. Let them know what they are missing elsewhere so they can rely on your product.

I hope these tips help you as you navigate your business journey. I wish you all the best in your business venture(s).

By Wanjiru Muhoro | Writer

4 thoughts on “<strong>FACTORS TO CONSIDER FOR SUCCESS IN YOUR STARTUP.</strong>”

  1. Nice article xPodd,

    The underlying issue is….trust.

    How do you win trust?

    Once you figure that out then your good to go!

    Salome Chepchirchir – Eldoret, Kenya

      • Perception is everything Kai.

        The best operating system may not be apple’s iOs or Windows but thanks to perception….how often do we consider others?

        Jean- Suzhou, 🇨🇳

        • Your perception is reality coz every person has a very unique set of life experiences that form their general outlook on life:)

          Rebecca- Manchester 🇬🇧


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