Frequently Asked Questions

1. Please Define xPodd What is it ?
xPodd is a novel property hunting platform conveniently connecting all types of property seekers
directly to landlords, online or through the app
Our Platform is like an Online market where people place orders for what they need.
• Those who place the orders are called seekers.
• Those who service the orders are called finders
2. Who is a Seeker?
Those looking for property are called Seekers
3. Who is a Finder
Those who provide property are called Finders
4. What does it do?
From jua káli assistants to national organizations and non-profits, xPodd is building a new
dawn by creating an open channel for tenants and buyers to attain their dreams
affordably and, for landlords to access a steady stream of investors.
2. xPodd simplifies the everyday lives of consumers by making the property hunting process
convenient, safe, efficient and predictable to institutions and people from all walks of life.
5. Why xPodd?
1. Seekers are busy people who want things done efficiently
2. Convenience- Always-on, always-connected digital devices have enabled us all to do a
whole bunch of things remarkably quickly, easily and cheaply. We are used to the new
convenience that xPodd provides
3. Who still has the time to walk all over estates? We appreciate not having our time wasted
in a world of inflated agent reviews and endless renter / buyer leads.
4. Seekers Avoid endless callbacks and emails from random sources,
5. Our Finders are inspiring locals who go beyond typical viewings to immerse seekers in
each neighborhoods unique world. These are mostly people with skills; not just
degrees...skills are what differentiate us; not how high we’ve climbed the higher education
ladder. They work, breath and almost always live in that area.
6. Easy to find a real estate agent (many rogue’s out there) but not all are created equal. Use
our vetted FINDERS !
7. Connecting renters with local Finders ensures the skills and experience most closely align
with the seekers needs
6. What benefits do the finders and seekers gain ?
For Seekers,
• No wasting time pouring through expired, phony or duplicate listings.
• why walk around estates aimlessly ?
• Cheaper as we charge lower fees than those of traditional Estate Agents.
• If you call through the platform its free and the finder cannot see your no.
• to ease your pain of dealing with a few rogue agents–or worse,
• Financial predictability- you know what to pay in advance
• Convenience - We do the heavy lifting of finding you what you need while you keep control at your fingertips thanks to Cutting edge Tech
• Vetted finders
• Local experts
• Transparency
For Finders,
• Find for a living or part time
• they get flexibility and financial stability.
• hassle free as can work from anywhere thanks to Cutting edge Tech
• Find for a living or for a goal, all on your schedule and on your own terms,
• Entrepreneurship:- We believe in fostering individual creativity and a sense of ownership-
• empowered by a web app designed with a level of functionality and intuitiveness not typically found.
• Make more money if employed full time
• Increases client base
• Gains respect and dignity for been associated with a brand like xPodd
7. Do seekers Pay before Showcasing (Viewing)?
  • Seekers place an order specifying the property they need Eg Location, budget, size etc, etc and is notified what will be paid AFTER the job is completed.
  • The order is picked by a finder who gets 3 properties meeting the specifications in the seekers order
  • The seeker is notified by text message and whatsApp when the order is completed.
  • Seeker logs into there portal to see the properties acquired at which point they make a refundable deposit to proceed
  • The Finder is investing time and energy to meet your needs; depositing there pay into our
    platform assures them that there sweat will be rewarded
  •  Motivates the Finder to be a go getter and get a good rating as he is assured of payment
  • Seekers money is released to the Finder 24 hours after showcasing
  • Remember after looking at pictures on a property Website or Portal, when we go for the
    actual viewing, we mostly find “vitu ziko different kwa ground”. If you are in business, don’t
    you do all you can to make the client take your product?
8. What if the seeker Cancels before viewing do you refund??

Yes we refund as long as the task has not been allocated to a Finder.

9. Do you refund money to the Seekers under other circumstances?
  • Properties showcased were significantly different from what they asked for EG
    • seeker wants 1 bed but instead shown a 2 bed
    • Property showcased was in a different location
  • Contacts of the landlord or caretaker not correct
10. What kind of properties can I get?
  • Residential properties


Individual and

Family Homes

  • Commercial properties including:-

Office space

Business premises



  • Land and plots of all sizes
11. How long do you take to find Properties?

We find your properties in 24 hours on average

12. How long do I have before I can view the property?

As landlords normally give out properties on a first come basis, its advisable to view properties
within MAXIMUM 48 hours

13. What happens if the seeker fails to show up for the showcasing (viewing)?

• We encourage seekers to alert us in good time should they have to cancel or reschedule
as the finder has already invested effort and time.

• The owners contacts and each properties GPS location is Also provided : a seeker has an option to go directly to the properties

• However the seeker will have a further 24 hours to view.


14. Who are Finders?

• Mostly younger people trying to make an honest living
• Local people from various professions, backgrounds and affiliations filling gaps in there
income needs & timelines EG we have lawyers, medical personnel, teachers, lecturer,
• Many older people trying to supplement there incomes
• Job seekers trying to supplement there income

15. Why use a Finder ?

• Support our brothers, sisters, children, neighbors trying to make an honest living and earn
an extra buck
• Saves time as finders are Paid only after the showcasing (viewing) meaning the properties
must meet the seekers specifications
• Privacy of the seeker:- No endless callback/ emails as seekers contacts are hidden from
the finder if they communicate through the platform
• Predictable- the fees are known from the outset; the specs are also known from
the outset. No negotiations. No Buts.
• Vetted people- interviews, trainings and a Certificate of good conduct is mandatory
• Local experts who live and have usually grown up in that area- agents from various real
estate agencies are usually people who work in a certain area but as they are not locals,
they lack the intimate knowledge of the past, present and indeed the heartbeat of the
• Support-

◦ we record all calls between the seeker and finder
◦ optional tracking during showcasing via GPS

• Security

◦ Emergency hotline during showcasing connects to the security forces

• Cheaper:- since the finder gets only viewing fees, there is no incentive to raise the price
of the house
• Loyalty program which motivates them as its based on there speed of accurately
responding to the seekers needs and thereafter, getting good reviews from seeker
based on courtesy, timeliness and knowledge of the area. The Loyalty program:—-

◦ Gives our finder partners access to Motor Vehicle Loans, Medical Insurance Loans
◦ Will soon be redeemable from partner organizations for shopping, travel etc, etc

16. Can the seekers rate the Finder?

Yes we have an elaborate rating system that is sent to the seeker for rating 48 hours after the

17. How do you vet our finders?

• Our Finder registration process ensures that there personal details are captured by and
accessible by the National Security Database
• We offer training to our Finders to keep them upto date with the best in customer care
• We offer workshops were we interact with experts in related sectors like
• Local Police who advise on law
• County Government Official
• Management & Professional Experts
• Photography.

18. Do you ever release my personal contact details or information?

NO. We will not share any of your personal details and, they will not be visible to the other party
when you are communicating through our platform

19. How does xPodd make a difference?

• We walk with you until you get a property that meets your specifications
• Brings Openness & Trust into the real estate market
• Convenience of not having to walk around seeking out caretakers, agents or friends to
help you
• Tame and bring Sanity to the real estate sector
• Photo shop and Advanced digital photography have made websites and magazines
unreliable & untrustworthy as the properties always look more better and properties
bigger than the real deal,
• Enables tech to efficiently connect the landlords directly with the seekers as the App
integrates the tech into our lifestyle
• Simplicity :- the platform is

◦ clutter free,
◦ extremely user friendly and,
◦ process is streamlined meaning requests are completed in seconds.

• Speeding up the conversion rate of property exchange (rentals & sales) by empowering
consumers with unparalleled data, inspiration, and knowledge around property and
connecting them with owners.
• Able to provide relevant yet vital neighborhood information data & related essentials like
moving services EG once you rent a house we connect you with movers
• Information and convenience to our fingertips:- recent innovations in technology
have brought the same ease to the search for Real Estate/ Property.

20. xPodd Corporate

Corporate is a premium service aimed to satisfy security standards of the most risk sensitive
organizations like Diplomatics, UN, multinationals, NGO’s Etc.

21. What benefits do corporates get from using Xpodd ?

Make them secure, provide convenience and create opportunities to uplift local communities.

22. Challenges in Kenya’s Real estate Market

1. Huge number of listings in Real Estate Websites
2. Photo shopped and Outdated listings in websites/ Social media which mislead
3. Absence of trust- people tend to loose money by paying viewing fees but never shown
exactly what you paid for
4. Endless Endless emails and call backs:- follow-ups by the Agents both the larger and
especially the smaller players
5. Lack of standardized fee structures when searching for properties
6. Security:- No way of knowing whom you are dealing with regarding the small players
7. Agents tend to be seen as a necessary evil-
◦ they are widely disrespected and are not trusted.
◦ Indeed in kenyan lingo the name agent or broker is derogatory.
8. Time consuming- takes a lot of time tarmacking, meetings, movements

23. How are services in the Kenya's Real Estate market currently provided?

•  For larger players you browse the website, write in or call, schedule an appointment to
view. They often do not charge viewing fees
• For smaller players you call a number, you schedule a meeting, meet, agree on the fees
and usually pay the fees upfront then, you are taking around to view

24. Who currently commands most of the rental market?

• Overwhelming majority of kenyans rent houses/premises and buy land through walking
and using the smaller estate agents.
• The larger deals especially sales are handled by the Larger Operators However,
• Many of the larger deals though closed by the larger operators, tend to originate from the
small operators

25. Game Plan

Reshape the home life cycle through a technology vision by delivering
simple, innovative service concepts that are proudly kenyan and yet,
can stand against any international offering on a global scale and, can
spread its wings globally like M-Pesa.

26. Technology?

Websites and portals have become ever more complex in the rush to provide information / data mostly with information many do not need.
Our platform is:-

◦ clutter free,
◦ extremely user friendly and,
◦ process is streamlined meaning requests are completed in seconds.
◦ Our safety features make our platform stand out as safety using other platforms and especially at the point of interaction with people is a huge security risk.
◦ Recency of data on property portals is a huge problem in the traditional market; that is one of our key standouts as you only get current information
◦ Lack of privacy in the property market leading to endless emails and call backs, is no longer the case as our platform enables the parties to keep contacts private.
◦ Our Payment and Reward systems ensures a high turnover of transactions.

27. What are peoples intentions when dealing with xPodd?

• Most of our seekers are interested in finding a place they can call home.
• Some are looking for office space or business premises.
• Others Prefer to buy then rent them out for passive monthly income.
• Corporates looking to settle diverse international staff in different areas.
• Developers seeking space they can put up multiple dwellings