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Entrepreneurs: In essence, every finder colleague is working for him/herself. It’s a small enterprise that will help you achieve financial freedom.

Training: We want our finder colleague to be the best Finders they can be. Not just so you can earn more…

We’re Family: It’s a privilege for us to be a part of our finder colleagues’ lives.

That’s why we are making plans for:-

  • Finder Mobility: Creating programs to help you own mobility whether its a car, bike, scooter or,
  • Finder Liquidity: Get bridge loans,
  • Finder Healthcare: offer healthcare access to support your personal wellbeing
  • Finder as CEO: We offer programming designed to help you explore and develop your strengths.
  • Finder Anywhere: Finder Anywhere empowers you to maximize your productivity wherever the day takes you. We provide all of the technology and support to work on the go, giving you the freedom and mobility to stay in the field.
  • Finder COO: We’ll pair you with world-class consultants to elevate your business planning and operations.
  • The Finder Card: We shall provide you with one credit card to simplify all of your business expense management.
  • Finder Concierge: Enhances your people management skills through training with the best in the hospitality industry.
  • Business, Operations, People & Culture: we shall empower Finders with full-service operational, IT, business intelligence, and administrative support, from transaction coordinators to product experts, Hailing from respected institutions across every area of business, entertainment, and innovation.

House Hunting Tips

  • Family: – talk to your family about what you are doing they will refer people to you
  • Friends: – tell you friends verbally, on social media and ask them to spread the word
  • Professionals: – including fundi’s like electricians, contractors, plumbers, architects, as they have inside information about moves
  • Divorce Register: – People often want to move on and make a fresh start after these unfortunate events.
  • Check Online for # hashtags like…done with my landlord: – join the conversation…
  • Moving and for Sale signs in your neighbourhood indicate someone is moving and a vacancy is imminent
  • Talk to caretakers in your neighbourhood for information on empty units
  • Consult moving trucks and companies for information on upcoming moves which indicate a vacancy is coming soon
  • Join your neighbourhood association and introduce yourself and your services
  • Security guards and newspaper vendors are a good source of information on recently vacated units

Showcasing (Viewing) Preparations

  • Always be ready for work by having a listing of available properties in your notebook
  • Occasionally call or talk to the landlords or caretakers to ensure your list is up to date
  • As soon as you get a task alert the landlord / Caretaker
  • Plan your showcasing in a way that will enable you to start with closest and end with the farthest.
  • Let the landlord / Caretaker know the time/day you are showcasing immediately you agree with the seeker.
  • As soon as you leave the meeting point text the caretaker/landlord that you are on the way. Keep doing that every time you are leaving one house for the next house. That way you shall always find people waiting for you at the next house.
  • On your way to the properties courteously and cunningly gather information from the seeker without been nagging.
  • This will help you know what to focus on regarding the neighbourhood amenities like schools, traffic patterns, supermarkets, restaurants, churches, mosques, banks AND,
  • Share these details as you move from property to property. EG Have kids? If they have kids you can mention about daycare centres, maid bureaus, at the house, say if there are other kids living there if there is space for kids to play……….

Meeting clients

  • Keep time- preferably be minimum 10 minutes early. Hakuna Haraka has NO PLACE at xPodd.
  • Grooming- be neat and professional. FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT! You do not need a suit or skirt suit, but at a glance, the client needs to see a fresh, clean look.
  • Be courteous- some seekers may not be having the best of days. Stay focus on your objective—- TO SHOWCASE
  • Avoid unnecessary chatter Eg politics and religion.