Input based goals

Input based goals are goals based on or defined by the effort that one puts in. They are more actionable and effective. They are easier to measure or track the progress over time. They allow you to focus on the main actions that matter.

Examples of input based goals include:

1) Do a 100 pushups a day,

2) Write 2 hours a day,

3) Run for thirty minutes daily, and so on.

Output based goals

Output based goals are goals driven by a desired result. They are external and quite general. They are useful because although they aren’t measurable, they provide a huge motivational boost. These goals, when said out loud, stir one’s spirit at an emotional level and spark excitement within.

Examples of output based goals include:

1) Have ripped abs,

2) Write a book,

3) Run a marathon, and so on.


1. We set Output based goals and hope that they bring success but it’s not guaranteed while input goals, once achieved show the success loud and clear!

2. Output based goals are the results we hope to get after doing something while input goals are the things we do or the actions we take to achieve what we want.

3. Output based goals can at times feel farfetched/ or so far from your reach while input based goals place your goals within your realm of control

4. Output based goals although inspiring, can be/seem incredibly daunting without monthly or weekly steps or actions to take while input based goals are more action based hence easier to track or keep an account of.

Both input and output based goals are tied together. Have the long term vision but don’t stop there. Go ahead and take the time to put that into actionable steps that will bring you closer to achieving the grand vision. While results can be shinny and attractive to us, it is important to have our “why” factor because the more something matters to you, the more likely you are to stick to it long-term. It goes without saying that starting with smaller steps builds momentum which leads to sustainable progress.

By Wanjiru Muhoro | Writer

3 thoughts on “<strong>INPUT BASED GOALS VS OUTPUT BASED GOALS</strong>”

  1. Personally I prefer pursuing impossible goals that seem unachievable 🙂

    Perhaps it’s a question of choice?

    Caroline- Sidney, Australia


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