Ngong Town

at a glance

As the burial place of the Bror Blixen, husband of Karen Blixen, During the colonial period, Ngong was a major settlers’ farming region. Situate on the foot of Ngong hills in Kajiado county, it was a major town before Magadi Road was built in the 1960’s thereby diverting lots of traffic. 3 events will make reshape the future of Ngong:- 1. Completion of the road linking Konza with Dagoretti road, which will divert trucks destined for the western part of the country from the port through Ngong 2. The SGR Station in Embul bul will also be a cargo stop. 3. Ongoing Dualing of Ngong Road will exponentially reduce commute time to and fro. The face of the town is changing quickly with new apartment blocks, shopping malls and some office blocks already coming up.




Upper Matasia Primary School

Food & Drink

Dari Restaurant


The Karen Hospital, Ngong


Pretty Roses Daycare

Entertainment Joints

The Karen Hospital, Ngong

Swimming Pool

Natare Gardens

Kid play Areas

Police Stations

Matasia Police Patrol Base

Grooming Spots

Dadancan Hair Salon & Barber Shop


Ngong Matatu terminus

Religious Centres

PCEA Enchorro Emuny Church

Thrift Stores

Princess Boutique


Mbumar Auto World Garage

Art Centres

Conferencing Facilities


Post Bank – Ngong Branch, Masaai Springs

Grocery Markets

Mushroom Kenya (organic farmers market)

Service Stations

Delta Service Station- Ngong


Gym Orok Plaza