Ofafa Maringo

at a glance

Ambrose Ofafa, winner of Colonial Service award on the 1953 Coronation Honours list, was a suave politician who was said to have a soft spot for colonialists, and is said to have been on the first lane to the countries leadership until this dream was brought to a stop by “those”. Until about 1939, employers and municipalities were supposed to provide only ‘bachelor’ housing for unaccompanied African men. After 1939, encouraged by London, the Kenyan government began to provide for families. Indeed, Andrew Hake has claimed that the first family project was Ofafa Maringo, designed in 1957 and completed in 1959. This boasted indoor plumbing and was dubbed ‘posh’ (maringo) by Africans. Maringo estate along Jogoo road offers housing facilities especially for casual workers in Industrial area, which is within walking distance. Located along and slightly off Jogoo road, has a characteristic building design. Maringo estate goes on to join with Hamza estate in the bigger Makadara area of Nairobi. There is no regular water supply in the area and most of the youths have turned selling water as a form of making a living. Another common business in the area is car washing. This is done mainly by young boys who have recently finished school through youth groups.




Jogoo Road Primary School

Food & Drink

Pavilion lounge


Bliss Medical Centre Jogoo Road


Kiddis Baby Care

Entertainment Joints

Bliss Medical Centre Jogoo Road

Swimming Pool


Kid play Areas

Makadara Playground

Police Stations

Jogoo road police station

Grooming Spots

Cathy’s Beauty Touch Salon ‘ N ‘ Barber


ChurchArmy Bus Stop

Religious Centres

Friends Church Quakers Maringo

Thrift Stores


Midega Auto Garage

Art Centres

Conferencing Facilities

Kipepeo Conference Centre


KCB Jogoo Road Branch

Grocery Markets

Nemuwa Jogooroad

Service Stations

Mogas Petrol Station


Potters Gym