Public relations is the state of the relationship between a company/brand and the public. Like other aspects of marketing promotion, public relations is used to address several broad objectives

1. Building Product Awareness

When introducing a new product or relaunching an existing product, marketers can use a PR element that generates consumer attention and awareness through media placements and special events. Our product is a web based app https://xpodd.app/home called xPodd. Through this app, we connect landlords to tenants quickly, conveniently and affordably.

2. Creating Interest 

Whether a PR placement is a short product article or is included with other products in “round up” article, stories in the media can help entice a targeted audience to try the product. We have had appearances in the media where we let our potential customers exactly what we do. We also engage with our audiences on Facebook, Instagram

3. Providing Information

PR can be used to provide customers with more in depth information about products and services. Through articles, collateral materials, newsletters and websites, PR delivers information to customers that can help them gain understanding of the product. It is important for us to educate you about our product. We utilize social media and other tools to give information to potential buyers. We have learnt that continually providing information, and educating people increases visibility and interactions with potential buyers.

4. Stimulating Demand

A positive article in a newspaper, on a TV news show or mentioned on the Internet, often results in a discernable increase in product sales. To see our interviews and newspaper articles, see https://xpodd.com/press/

4. Reinforcing the Brand  

In many companies the public relations function is also involved with brand reinforcement by maintaining positive relationships with key audiences, and thereby aiding in building a strong image. Today it is ever more important for companies and brands to build a good image. A strong image helps the company build its business and it can help the company in times of crises as well. Our brand stands for integrity and excellence with technological innovation being out driving force.

Whether you’re thinking of starting a business or you already own one, Public Relations matters a lot and determines your relationship with existing as well as potential buyers.

Wanjiru Muhoro | Writer


  1. Hey Xpodd,
    AKA the Persuasion Business, publicity is what everyone in business Prays🙏 for whereas advertising is what you pay💵 for.

    For small growing companies trying to make a mark, the only way out is often advertising as you have to pay to be considered.

    Andrea- Hawaii

    • Sucks Andrea, coz makes it harder for startups to get free mentions THEY DESPERATELY NEED in media, blogs etc
      established companies with too much money get a free ride they don’t need.

      Ain’t the system rigged ?? Coz the smaller players are almost always forced to sell out to the big players they set out to compete against? remember GAMESTOP?

      Parita – Bengaluru 🇮🇳


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