Property technology (PropTech), otherwise known as real estate technology, is the application of information technology and platform economics to real estate markets. Real estate companies use information technology to research, buy, sell and manage real estate. Property technology therefore mainly utilizes digital innovation to address the numerous demands of the property industry.

Technological innovation is key and it involves creating a streamlined process in which all participants in the real estate market are able to access services flawlessly. Participants such as buyers, sellers, brokers, lenders, finders and landlords are able to use this tech to fulfil their property and business needs.

The goals of PropTech include significantly minimizing the costs and resources associated with real estate transactions, maximizing efficiency, saving time and personalizing property management.

Our company, xPodd, has ventured into this relatively new area of PropTech with the aim of solving problems encountered by stakeholders in the real estate sector. Our tech considers each stakeholder’s needs and puts into account its accessibility by people from all walks of life. We took the opportunity to modernize real estate in order to reach more people across all divides and to make real estate processes like house hunting much easier, cheaper and safer.

Through our PropTech, Buyers of residential or commercial property are able to specify exactly the type of property they need as well as those renting or leasing. Landlords are also able to use xPodd to acquire potential clients.

Our guiding factor has been the needs of everyone in the property market space. As a result, we continuously innovate our services and product as we pay attention to our clients. By giving them what they want, we continue to be better and improve our features.

xPodd has much more in store for the real estate market. We continue to innovate for you, making us your go to for all things property!

By Wanjiru Muhoro | Writer

5 thoughts on “<strong>PROPERTY TECHNOLOGY</strong>”

  1. Tech brought information and convenience to our fingertips.

    xPodd your recent innovations in technology seem to have brought this same ease to the search for homes & Spaces.

    I will follow your progress with keen interest.

    Ray- Carnegie Hill; New York

  2. Relevant tech helps users make decisions quicker and accurately.

    xPodd does this however, DO NOT stop innovating.

    Tina- Chelsea, London 🇬🇧

    • Who would like to walk around when you can get what you need from your phone at any time from any place?

      AGEEED Rob….technology makes us more efficient

      Samantha, Fort Lauderdale, 🇺🇸


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