Living in a bedsitter or a shoebox size single room apartment might have its limitations but with clever planning it can look just as good if not better than a large room/house. By making use of the resources at your disposal, it is possible to beautify your bedsitter or single room house.

1. Organize and clean the room regularly

A small room that looks disorganized and dirty could be more depressing and stressful to be in than a bigger one. Set a timetable for cleaning and de-cluttering where you will regularly keep things in order. You can do this once or twice a week. Use antiseptics to keep pests and insects at bay. To ensure that everything is in its place regularly, return things where they belong immediately after use for example utensils and clothes. Often when you procrastinate, the mess of disorganization culminates little by little to have a messy room.

2. Use dividers

Dividers create the impression that a bedsitter has several rooms. You can use room dividers to demarcate sections of the room such as kitchen, bedroom and living room. The dividers should be very beautiful and attractive. The dividers can also act as shelves and storage spaces for things. They help create an illusion of a spacious bedsitter.

3. Washi Tapes

Washi tapes have the potential to beautify your walls. They are fairly inexpensive and leave zero residue on your walls. The tape can be used to frame pictures, wall hangings, posters and memories. You can also use different colors and designs of washi tapes to create a gallery wall.

4. Lighting

The more light you let into your bedsitter, the bigger it feels. Utilize natural light as much as you can. You can also improvise and buy sources of artificial lighting. Dark rooms, especially small ones can be depressing. Therefore with your bedsitter, you might want to brighten it up.

 5. Add a colourful rug

Colourful rugs are not expensive and are easy to find from ordinary street vendors and small scale traders. A rug will make your bedsitter look homely, cosy, warm and elegant. It will also add a soft feeling for bare feet and toes.

6. Mirrors

Use mirrors as and where you can to make the space feel and seem bigger. Mirrors also reflect natural light into a room. This in turn makes the room brighter as the light bounces off the mirrors to the wall to the rest of the house/room.

By Wanjiru Muhoro | Writer

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