Daybeds are an amazing and convenient solution for a small space like a studio apartment or a home office. You can use it both as a sofa and a bed. This makes it very efficient and adaptable. Daybeds add a warm cozy vibe to a room. Styling your daybed can be a fun project with a few things to consider.

1. Choose a color palette

Depending on what you have going on in the room, choose a color palette for your daybed. You can also start fresh with the daybed and let the rest of the room gravitate towards it. In design, two neutrals and an accent color is recommended when choosing a color palette. Rules are however made to be broken so don’t shy off from making bold choices.

2. Make the bed

Daybeds mostly don’t come with a mattress so you may have to purchase that separately. Depending on what purpose you intend to you the daybed, there are a few furnishings you may need to get. If you are using it as a sofa, you may need a mattress cover. If you are using it as a bed, make sure to get a fitted sheet and a comforter.

3. Lots of Pillows

Daybeds look and feel comfy with many pillows on them. Make sure to buy many pillows keeping in mind their size, texture, shape and color. Set the largest pillows at the back for adequate support and comfort. Style the neutral colored pillows then layer in the accent colored ones. Have fun with the texture and color keeping in mind the vibe you are going for.

4. Throw in some throw blankets

To make it extra cozy finish up with some throw blankets. I particularly like knit ones because they add character, warmth and texture to spaces. Let them naturally hang off the side and across the daybed. You can also have throw blankets go with your accent color to complete the look.

Daybeds can be used for functionality and/or to decorate a space. For whatever purpose you use it, make sure to maximize its potential in making your space beautiful.

 By Wanjiru Muhoro | Writer

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  1. I use one extensive when I first come to go Africa and got a house which had one bedroom.

    It sofa became a 2 bedroom as my visitors when visit me in africa could sleep on it. Very good memories.

    Francois – Paris


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