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Due to a system upgrade,

  1. We have reduced the property registration process to only 4 steps and the verification time to 48 hours. We listened to you and have upgraded our system so that it is now much easier to follow the registration process from your geographical location.
  2. We also introduced a self-registration process which is then verified by Finder Officers in conjunction with our Legal Officers. Please email us on [email protected] or whatsApp us on +254733543233 so that we may send you a link.
  3. OR schedule a visit by one of our Finder Officers by calling us on +254111220011
  4. Are you corporate with multiple mixed use holdings in different suburbs and counties? PLEASE TALK TO US  
  5. You DIPLOMATIC or International or MultiLateral Organizations with SECURITY NEEDS that meet UN+ security standards? We have something for you. PLEASE Get in touch

NB: We would like to assure you that ALL information you provide us with is protected under your constitutional rights and will NOT be disseminated to any parties without your authorization in writing. Your information goes to our database, thus giving property seekers multiple options for the properties they need which in turn gives you a wider access to potential clients/tenants.

Property Seekers

For commercial or residential property, furnished or unfurnished, go to our website https://xpodd.com/ and place your request.

Once you send your request, Log into your account using the phone number you provided. You will receive an OTP (one time password) through text/whatsapp which you key in and check the status of your request at https://xpodd-seeker.web.app/home/start 

NB: We give you options in terms of the property you are looking for since we have a huge network of properties under various independent landlords registered with us. We are fully invested in satisfying all your real estate needs.


xPodd Opps Team

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